Bob Weissman, Your Agency Specialist Consultant

Agency Challenges

IT’S NOT EASY… Agency Challenges At Every Turn!

Running an agency is tough and highly competitive. You have numerous agency challenges and opportunities facing you on a daily basis. Unfortunately, you may not have enough time or the right resources (financial, personnel, capabilities, etc.) to approach these.

Clients are clamoring for more from their agency while providing less:

  • Client budgets are lower
  • Project work is replacing retainers
  • The sales cycle is longer and harder – oftentimes involving RFPs
  • Collections take longer – cash flow is more difficult
  • Clients are taking on more work in-house
  • Agencies are putting hiring on hold, struggling to meet payroll, and freezing benefits
  • Agencies are relying on a couple of key clients
  • Large projects are few
  • The new business process oftentimes requires spec work
  • Decisions are increasingly being made by large committees

And these are just a few of your agency challenges.

Agency Ventures has been in your shoes – owned agencies and has worked with numerous others to address these challenges. Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone who knows your business? Bob Weissman understands your agency challenges.