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What’s Your Agency Brand?

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What’s Your Agency Brand?

So many of us are great at telling others what or how to do, but when it comes to your own agency brand – ugh! And then you wonder why you don’t win, get chosen, etc.

Of course the best source of new business is referrals. It’s so much better when someone else praises you and tells others. That’s one of the reasons marketers focus on social media. Clients want to interact with the agency brand and share positive experiences (as long as it’s not with a competitor). Marketers know having someone else tell your story is better than you offering it.

One of the first ways potential clients interact with you is your website. This of course is after they find you – whether it be thru a referral, networking, SEO/SEM, social media, advertising, etc. So, make sure your website represents you – your agency brand promise.

If interested, prospects will scour the website – they will look for your positioning (USP), your work (capabilities and creativity), your clients (marquee accounts), case studies (results), testimonials, and much more. Make sure you are always checking your Google Analytics – learning what matters to prospects – what are they looking at?

Your staff is a reflection of your agency brand everywhere they go – whether it be a social or networking opportunity/event. They ALL are responsible for business development, not just sales. Make sure you build the agency elevator pitch – role play it with your team. They should ALL articulate the brand the same way.

Your elevator pitch should be no more than a few sentences. It should instantly position your agency brand – a specialist with a clear focus/domain expertise (whether it be capability or industry). Not “me too.” It should name drop marquee accounts you work with in your target markets. It should highlight the results (maybe awards) you have achieved.

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