Bob Weissman, Your Agency Specialist Consultant


Agency Solutions: Corporate Development Framework and Strategic Plan

Many consultants offer you the promise of transformation; you need a deliverable that is tangible/actionable! You need an agency specialist who understands agency solutions.

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Your agency solutions start with understanding where you are now (Current State) – understanding where you want to be (Future State) – and building a Roadmap from Current State to Future State.

Developing objectives, strategies, and tactics (with specific financial targets) are key to success and growth. Not just writing them down, BUT executing and implementing them! ACTION!

Agency Ventures works WITH YOU to build the financial model – you are NOT the Salvation Army – the objective is to make money. All decisions (marketing, HR, operations, etc.) come back to money.

Agency Ventures works WITH YOU to build a Strategic Plan to meet or exceed your objectives! The Plan is not just about WHAT needs to be done, BUT importantly HOW to do it!

Every agency has specific needs that may include:

  • Corporate Development Framework
    • Vision, Mission, Goal Creation and Organizational Enrollment
    • Strategic Plan
    • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Development
    • Sales Process
    • Customer Acquisition and Retention
    • Capability Exploration and Market Development
  • Operations Review
    • Process and Methodology
    • Pricing
    • Tools
  • Finance and Administration
    • Modeling
    • Policies and Practices
  • Partnering
  • M&A Planning
  • Fund Raising – seed, private equity, venture capital
  • Personnel Recruitment