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Agency Success – It Should Be Easier!

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Agency Success – It Should Be Easier!

What you really enjoy is working with clients – helping them meet their marketing challenges. The administrative burden of running the agency may be wearing you down – there’s got to be a better way.

Agency principals have a lot on their plate – typically what keeps them up at night is cash flow and how do they get more business. Especially for many who don’t enjoy new business development – engaging with the client is great, finding them a burden.

The business is so competitive these days you can’t just rely on referrals. So what happens, the rich get richer – they have resources and you are struggling to get by?

You’ve got to find a way to change the playing field. It’s not easy but the alternative is worse – you’ll burn out. So let’s think this thru – let’s PLAN. Very importantly – always know the financial (cash) ramifications of any decision you make.

There are so many questions to ask yourself but let’s start with what your agency is good at and what makes you special – different (USP)! What is your brand and how can I communicate that (Visibility). Can you support your positioning with case studies, testimonials, results (Credibility).

Now what resources do you have – can you do Super Bowl advertising or is it guerrilla marketing? You know, you are a communications agency, there are a variety of strategies/tactics that can be pursued to reach your target audience. Do you have the right team?

You may need to get resources – funding, personnel, skill sets, etc. You must develop a plan to get these. Again, there are a variety of paths to take.

Building the plan is one thing, executing/implementing it another. This is where you may need help – someone who is about getting things done (action), someone who moves the ball down the field and holds everyone accountable, not just you.


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About the Author: Bob Weissman has consulted with more than 50 marketing, advertising, PR, and technology agencies. He's helped them develop an agency growth strategy targeting a 20% minimum growth rate. He is a board member of the Philadelphia Ad Club and has been a consultant with the AAAAs and Ben Franklin Technology Partners. .


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