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Agency Playbook – Agency Success!

Building agency success is dependent on a PLAN (not having one a huge risk) – initially developing it and then executing/implementing it flawlessly.

Over the last few months I have been publishing blogs and videos on topics that numerous agency principals address regularly and should be a focus for you. As the principal of your agency, you are faced with numerous challenges/opportunities daily – how do you handle them?

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The Agency Playbook, while general in nature, guides you thru key concerns and scenarios for agency owners. This is a step-by-step Process that is viable for most. It is not intended to be a cure all, but to offer up what I have heard over the past ten years working with over 50 agencies.

While there are many similarities among agencies, each has its unique challenges. This is where I come in – providing an experienced, educated outside perspective. I know I can help!

The Playbook takes you from where you are now, Current State, to where you want to be, Future State. Whether you are considering Organic Growth, Partnering or M&A there are a number of questions that must be explored and answered. Whatever the resultant Plan, integrating People, Customer, Operations, and Finance Strategies will be required.

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