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Objectives For Agency Growth

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Have You Established Objectives For Agency Growth? Every Company must establish Objectives for the firm, communicate them to the team, and measure/monitor them constantly. Every employee must understand the company’s Objectives and know clearly how they can contribute to achieving them. Their performance should be monitored towards these objectives. For most staff members the key […]

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Profitability Growth

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How’s Your Profitability Growth? Profitability Growth is a constant challenge for all agencies especially given ongoing price competition. All agencies struggle with how best to preserve their margins. Why? Because of the constant tendency to exceed estimated budget hours. Why? Because aligning expectations between the agency and the client is difficult. Most clients aren’t sure […]

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Funding Your Agency

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Funding Your Agency Key Funding Strategy Issues Getting funding of any kind can be troublesome. First, let me say that service-based agencies have low valuations unless they a proprietary technology or process, or have a specific niche or vertical market expertise like pharmaceutical, healthcare, education or auto. Geography may also be a benefit. This is […]

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Enterprise Strategies

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Enterprise Strategies and Agency Growth The foundation of any agency is having a Financial Plan and an Operations Process you can rely on. Together, these represent your enterprise strategies. All things come back to money and as an agency you must strive for operational excellence. The Financial Plan informs all decisions you make. It should […]

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