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Year End Planning For Your Agency

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Your Clients Are Doing Year End Planning – Are You?

Now that we are approaching the end of 2014, your clients either have excess budget they must spend by year end or are beginning their 2015 planning process. Now is a great time to be reaching out to them for year end planning

This is an important time for agencies to be helping their clients/prospects plan AND do so themselves. Make yourself a client! Your clients are planning, agencies must plan too, not just gut!

Many agencies rely on current relationships for ongoing revenue and referrals for new business. So go for it – work WITH your clients – help them in the process! Invite them to do some year end planning.

But, what if this doesn’t happen? UGH….70% of your revenue forecast should come from these established accounts – what are you doing to insure this happens?

Well, if you had unlimited resources, this would be easier, but most agencies don’t. So, like you would do for your clients, your job is to piece together integrated campaigns that reach your target audience using cost effective strategies and tactics. Perhaps introducing new capabilities/services. This is where a good understanding of your financial model comes into play – what can I afford to spend and how?

Agencies must do a careful analysis of strengths and clearly define their positioning – AND make sure your clients get it! Have you analyzed your historical data to project the future? Can you differentiate yourself? Do you know the persona of your target audience? What do they need? How are you going to establish Visibility – Credibility – and your USP? Year end planning is a great way to re-assess.

Marketing (business development) isn’t brain surgery – its reach and frequency. Assuming of course, you know your target audience and have a USP.

Can you differentiate yourself? Do you have a capability or service that sets you apart? Is there a specific industry or geography where you are a specialist? Do you have strong marquee accounts, case studies, testimonials where you can articulate results? If so, you need to identify your audience and tell the story

I have helped 50+ agencies face these challenges and build a Strategic Plan for Growth. You may be in a position to do this organically, maybe it’s by being a general contractor (i.e. Partnering), or maybe there is an interesting Roll-Up scenario. Your year end planning should review these options. I have helped agencies do all the above.

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