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Hire Slow – Fire Fast: Agency Hiring and Firing Decisions

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Hiring and Firing In Your Agency

The largest expenses your agency faces are People and Property. Talent is clearly a differentiator but acquisition is very risky! That makes hiring and firing of critical importance to your agency.

Many agencies believe bringing in a rainmaker will change everything. Unfortunately, it rarely works. One person can absolutely be a plus, BUT a difference maker?

Your agency (and you) must be committed to change – new ways to do business. And for most it will take not one person, but a department. For example, many agencies want to bring a digital strategist but aren’t fully prepared to staff appropriately to support his efforts – i.e. who will build it if he thinks it – sells it?

The process starts with, your financial model along with effective resource planning to inform hiring decisions. Oftentimes agencies aren’t sure what is the most appropriate hire to make – business development, strategy, account/project management, design, developer, etc.? They ask themselves, how much can we afford and can we somehow make this incentive laden?

Once the hiring decision is made, where/how do we find this superstar? This is where you need to clearly understand whether you and/or your staff are qualified to evaluate candidates or whether you need an outside resource to help recruit.

What’s clear is that hiring and firing are BIG decisions. Candidates must possess the appropriate skills, but probably more important, they must fit in with the company culture. For many agencies hiring individuals without agency experience is problematic. The environment can be very different from what they are accustomed to.

So, take your time – hiring and firing are major investments. There are no quick fixes.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard agency principals who have waited too long to right size the organization – make the tough decision to terminate staff. If it’s not working, move on!

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